Say Hi To The Founder

It is my goal to alleviate mental pain—be it anxiety, depression, or anger—using proven non-pharmaceutical methods (i.e. CBT and ACT) with the help of delightful and user-friendly apps.

As an experienced software engineer in Silicon Valley, I can build any app—but I need to know what actually works for you.

If you're struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD (or any other mental health challenges), I want to talk to you to understand your struggles—regardless of whether you're currently seeing a counselor. I'll try to point you in the right direction.

If you're a mental health care professional (e.g. counselor, MFT, academic researcher, social worker, or psychologist), I'd love to talk to you to learn what your job's day-to-day is like. That might sound mundane to you but it's a topic of fascination to me as an outsider 🤓

With the advent of smart phones and artificial intelligence (specifically, "machine learning" , "data science", and "big data"), I want to explore if it's possible to:
  1. Improve delivery of care (e.g. help clients with self-aid and stay on track between visits)
  2. Increase accessibility to mental care (e.g. stopgap measures before that 1st counselor visit)
  3. On the operational "business" side of things: Minimize wasted time / increase effiency (e.g. appointment reminders, automate / manage billing, etc.)
Drop me a note to say hi! :-)

Warmest regards,

Jay Liew
Founder, See Betty
+1 (650) 898-7782

p.s. My professional background

Silicon Valley, California

+1 (650) 898-7782